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Thinking about starting on the road to becoming a property developer? Or maybe you’re just looking to renovate your home to add a little value before selling it on and moving to your dream home. Whatever the circumstances, here are 9 great ways to add value to the value of your home.

Install A New Energy-Efficient Heating System

Updating an out-of-date heating system is a great way to add a little value to your home and save yourself some money on the heating bill. Install a new energy-efficient heating system and spend a little time improving the general energy efficiency of your home by;

  • Sealing drafts around doors and windows
  • Replace older windows with double glazing
  • Insulating your Loft and Walls

While you can add additional radiators to existing systems, installing a new heating system allows you to add additional radiators, towel rails and underfloor heating while ensuring that your heating system is able to accommodate and has the ca[pacity for these additions.

Redecorate & Fix Up Your Home

Another great way to add additional value to your home is by redecorating and fixing small visual defects within your home. When redecorating your home to add value it’s always worth remembering that not everyone will have the same interior style taste as you do, so decorate sensibly and avoid standout colours and abstract styles.

Look to fix small defects around your home, like squeaky doors and windows, creaky flooring, dripping taps and even sealants around the kitchen and bathroom. Avoid opting for that crazy zebra print bathroom flooring you saw, instead, look for something simple that will fit most rooms regardless of their colour or style like a simple grey flooring tile.

Add an Extension or Conservatory to Your Home

Adding a fully glazed conservatory or extension is a great way to add value to your home, and will generally increase the value of your home by more than you’ll end up spending on the project. When thinking about adding an extension or conservatory, it’s important to not be cheap and try to cut corners as this can actually hurt the value of your home.

Convert your Loft Space into an Additional Bedroom

If you have a loft space that is currently unused or is just collecting old bits and bobs, you might consider turning this into an additional bedroom in order to add a considerable amount of value to your home, especially if you’re able to also accommodate an en-suite bathroom as part of the loft conversion. There are a few different types of loft conversions and some may require planning permission beforehand, so make sure you check!

Redesign your Garden Space

Having your own private garden is slowly becoming less of a reality, so this is actually a big selling point for many homes, and with a little investment and redesigning you could turn your garden into an outdoor space that increases the value fo your home. Think about installing higher fences to make the garden a little more private, add a small decking area for guests to relax and add a little bit of colour and wildlife with plants and places for them to build habitats.

Add a Private Parking Space

Creating a private parking space off the public road in front of your property can add significant value to your home. If you have a front garden that you don’t tend to use, it could be worth thinking about creating a driveway instead. For many people looking to purchase a home, well-designed, private parking is more valuable than a garden they may never use.

Install an Additional Bathroom in your Home

Installing an additional bathroom is another sure-fire way to add value to your home. Whether you convert the little space under the stairs into a small second toilet or have a downstairs room that can be converted into a fully functional bathroom. Ensure your bathroom receives adequate lighting via a window or light and the required ventilation if installing a shower or bath. You can save money on fitting your bathroom by buying a suite rather than individual items, and remember to keep the interior simple and neutral.

Create an Open-Plan Kitchen & Dining/Living Area

You can also add value to your home by removing an interior wall and creating an open plan kitchen and dining area or living area. This can often be a DIY job depending on your level of experience but may require a professional if the wall is load-bearing. If you’re unable to knock through an interior wall, you could opt for a small extension to the side of your kitchen.

Erect an Outbuilding

Provided you have the room, erecting an outbuilding such as a home office, personal gym or garden room is a great way to add value to your home. Obviously, it’s worth thinking about where you live before considering what purpose you wish your outbuilding to serve. OUtbuildings also cause less disruption to your home when being constructed and typically can be erected within a few days as opposed to weeks for an extension on your home.