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Ardex AF200 Plus Uncoupling Matting Adhesive 14kg

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Matting Bonding Adhesive

Minimises the time required to install uncoupling matting to timber, concrete and sand/cement screed subfloors, allowing tiling to commence immediately after the matting is laid. Unlike traditional powder adhesives, it has a high initial grab that prevents matting from curling for easy installation, is ready mixed and comes in a resealable container.

  • Fix fleece-backed matting to timber, concrete and cement/sand screed subfloors without priming
  • Matting can be fixed after 5-10 minutes or, due to its long tack time, up to an hour after application
  • High grab formulation prevents curling of the mat for easy installation
  • Cost-effective with up to 45m2 coverage from a single 14kg tub
  • Ready mixed and resealable
  • Suitable for floor applications
  • Suitable for internal, dry areas
  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating
  • Awarded EC1 PLUS EMICODE label for achieving low emission limits

Unit Size Available: 14kg & 6kg

Coverage: Approximately 45m2 per 14kg unit


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Ardex Uncoupling Matting Bonding adhesive

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